Stuff Sweeney Says...

That Was Then...

when Sweeney argued in favor of the working class.

This is now...

New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney fancies himself as many things: reformer, Union Man, suspender enthusiast, pension guru, Chris Christie's arch-rival, a man of the people. Sadly, none of those are true, with the exception of his artful sporting of his suspenders.

During Sweeney's last run for Senate in 2017, it seems he has ultimately sold his soul to be reelected. He took contributions from millionaires and billionaires like Alice Walton the Walmart Heiress, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and Hedge Fund John Arnold.

The Challenge To Debate

Since his reelection, Sweeney has openly opposed Governor Phil Murphy despite being of the same party. While Governor Murphy has supported policies to help build the middle class, Sweeney has seemingly sought to enrich his billionaire benefactors.


Millionaire's Tax

Sweeney now opposes the Millionaire's tax despite championing it throughout the Chris Christie years.

Pension/Benefit Reform

Sweeney is travelling the state demanding further pension and benefit reforms, despite arguing against further reforms out of fairness to those current and future retirees. He said that these reforms were not needed because they fixed the issue by making the hard decisions.


Sweeney wants you to trust him.

Now Sweeney says that he has all the answers to fix the State's fiscal health after arguing against the very reforms he champions today. Why has he changed his tune? Is it because he is now beholden to the rich and elite, rather the working people of the State?

Steve Sweeney can't be trusted.

So Steve Sweeney wants to debate Phil murphy on the issue of pensions and benefits?

THe Real question is..

Could Steve Sweeney win A debate against himself on the issue?